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This connection pool implementation is a derived work from HikariCP Version 3.4.5 (May 2020)
published under Apache 2.0 License.
Motivations for the derived work:
- remove all dependencies
- remove everything with metrics
- remove everything with JMX
- remove everything with slf4j logging
- remove everything with OSGI, Hibernate, Spring, JNDI
- remove everything with javassist
- remove everything with suspend/resume
- fix
- remove MacOS "milli second" clock
- clean up source code, packages, inheritances, inner classes refactoring, get rid of helper classes
- no system property dark magic
- no addDataSourceProperty magic, pass a Properties object always to PoolConfig which contains JDBC driver properties
- Java 11+
- JUnit 5+
- Gradle 6.4+
The result is an 88k jar.